A  12-Week journey of prioritizing your pleasure, boosting your confidence & self love


Sis, I'm here to tell you that, journaling never felt SO GOOD!

It's FINALLY time to prioritize your PLEASURE!

But first, Let's be honest. How many times have you...

Lacked the confidence to go after the life you desired?
Felt unfulfilled in life and in the bedroom?
Faked an orgasm and left the bedroom unsatisfied?
Felt ashamed to expand your knowledge about sex and exploring yourself sexually?  
Made a habit of putting others before yourself, leaving you feeling empty & deprived?  

As women, we are very analytical and natural born nurturers at our core. So, I can almost guarantee that, at some point in your life you experienced one or more of the scenarios above. 

I understand how you feel, but it's time to forgive yourself and elevate!


That's exactly why I created: thE 

It's ok to feel good Digital Journal! 

This 90-day interactive digital journal. Was created to give women a safe space to expand their knowledge of self, through self-love & sexual exploration. This 3-month journey is designed to help you take your confidence & pleasure consciousness to a NEW LEVEL!

Can you imagine your life and perspective being completely different in 90-days?

Committing to the digital journal experience can produce the following results...



A clear and developed understanding of personal pleasure preferences. Along with new ways to implement them on a daily basis.


A Fresh Perspective

The unique ability to look at your life and see SUCCESS, ABUNDANCE, JOY & HAPPINESS at any level!


Reclaimed personal power

The ability to take OWNERSHIP of your new beliefs, preventing doubt and fear from stopping you in your tracks! 


A Life Built for pleasure

Being equipped with the proven tools and strategies that build a life of divine satisfaction! No matter if you're in the bedroom or the boardroom.

PLEASURE = POWER! When you learn how to prioritize your desires (whether in the bedroom or the boardroom) You are truly UNSTOPPABLE!

Here's a quick preview of all the valuables you'll receive...

*90-day guided interactive journal with 3 expansive topics, daily tips & challenges. Creating a safe space to privately jot down your thoughts & expand your knowledge. Perfect for mobile phones, tablets & iPads. (Can also be used with manual journal & pen if preferred.) 
*Free mini masterclass to accompany each topic in the journal.
*Two free ebook preview downloads. To help you elevate your femininity & confidence.
*Access to an exclusive music playlist to boost your confidence & sensuality
*Exclusive discounts on products, services & workshops! 

Over a $100 of Value...

Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 7.09.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 1.26.00 AM.png





NO MORE EXCUSES SIS...It's time to prioritize your PLEASURE!