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Now is the time to break the habit of having unfinished goals year after year

New Year, New Me

This is MY Year

2019 is MINE

How many times have you found yourself saying these very words at the start of new year? 

All to look up months later, its December 31st and you’re still nowhere near finishing that goal you started at the beginning of the year? 

Sound Familiar????

Don't Worry!

believe it or not it’s extremely common. Did you know that the average goal set for a new year is tossed to the side before the month of January even ends?

But why is this so common? 

You see, when goals are set for the new year many people are being fueled by what I like to call the “New Year’s Adrenaline” It’s that moment right before a new year hits and your find yourself getting excited about the possibility of renewal and a fresh start in your life. Then after a few days/weeks pass by you find yourself settled comfortably back into your old habits and nowhere near accomplishing the goals you set for yourself. 

Are you ready to break this cycle, but can’t seem to figure out how? 

The soulution starts with your mindset!

I Know this...

Because I've lived it myself

All of the goals I’ve been able to cross off my to-do list started in my mind before I ever took any action. Whether it was writing my books, becoming a speaker or making the bold choice to step out on faith and launch my brand. I had to see myself go there in my mind FIRST.

But can I be honest with you??

Every time I made the choice to start a journey towards a new goal or to simply become a better version of myself, it was grueling. I was surrounded by feelings of loneliness, uncertainty and fear. And truthfully speaking this is exactly why so many people get stuck on this journey. The lack of true accountability, evidence of possibilities & support, prove to be too much to handle along with balancing our everyday lives. So as a result, we inadvertently just become stuck in the same habits of desiring better but not receiving it

What would make this process/journey easier and break this cycle?


boss belief 4 .jpg


being a part of a community that helps to fuel you with the knowledge & tools you need to build new beliefs that help to support your dreams & goals.  



being a part of a community that provides you with the accountability you need to stay focused on your goals  



being a part of a community that provides an atmosphere of like-mindedness, understanding & support   

Can you picture it??

Finally getting your goals accomplished and living as the woman you've always dreamed of being?? 


For that reason I can proudly introduce...

The Live Fabulous Mastermind

An elite group designed to provide you with a unique balance of alignment and accountability 

3 reasons you should you join the Live Fabulous Mastermind??



Providing a new perspective on the power of clarity, deciding what your goals are and re-shaping your life and beliefs to match your new desires



providing a group of like-minded women who can hold you accountable for seeing your goal through until the end 



Weekly lessons designed to combined your newfound clarity & alignment through the expansion of your mind. Preparing you to use your creative power and align with the life of your dreams 

An exclusive mastermind group that provides all the tools you need to shift your mindset, align with your goals and STAY accountable

You can't afford to miss this opportunity!!

You've made it this far

I’m sure you’re probably thinking: “ok, this group sounds great and all, but what’s the catch?”

The answer is simple


Although the Live Fabulous Mastermind provides an array of tools that are designed to literally launch you into the next phase of your amazing life. There will be TWO major things required from you in order for any of this to work


  1. Your commitment and desire to do the work 

  2. An investment to show dedication and commitment

Live Fabulous Mastermind Membership Benefits

The Live Fabulous Mastermind is the latest program launch from Fablife31 and we are in search of founding members who are ready to take advantage of:


1- Year of membership with access to private Live Fabulous Mastermind community


Downloadable access to exclusive Live Fabulous Mastermind "goal-tracker" journal


Weekly coaching lessons & strategies designed to spark creativity, alignment & expansion.


Daily accountability & motivation


Access to community of like-minded women (perfect for networking) 


Freebies: eBook download of "Glow Through It" & Free T-shirt


Exclusive membership discounts to all fablife31 events, products & programs

Becoming a member is a win-win

Join Today for the annual Founding members rate of



**Membership fee is paid annually as a lump sum payment**

$497 annually = about $40 per month

Here's a reminder of a few things you can invest $40 per month on

A few of your favorite streaming services 

Your morning

coffee runs

A quick lunch at your favorite restaurant

The live fabulous mastermind is here as a resource to help you become the woman you desire to be. When was the last time your streaming service, morning coffee run or mid-day lunch helped you elevate your life?  I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s NOT often. So, what are you waiting for?? 

Still Deciding...

If you're ready to take the plunge and invest in your elite membership with the Live Fabulous Mastermind??

Here are a few more incentives

Save over $100 off membership

By joining today you are receiving the introductory membership rate of $497 annually. This rate will only be available for a limited time and will increase to $597 once this offer ends!!!

There's power in numbers...

Join with a partner and save $50

Know someone you want to take this journey with? Joining as a group of two or more will allow you to pay a rate of $447(per person) instead of the introductory fee of $497


For group sign-ups: Please email us at and be sure to include the full names & emails of each person you are joining with. Once this is received, we will send over an invoice with the total amount required to secure membership for each person. All group sign-ups must be paid using one invoice and payments cannot be split. 

Still have questions?

Your Fabulous Future Awaits...


See you in the group!