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Southern fried Cauliflower & Red Velvet Waffles

Who said plant based eating had to be bland and boring????

Ahhh! I’m so happy to be back in my element and sharing my first love with you and that’s… FOOD of course!

Whenever I go out to eat, the foodie in me is always at work. Trying to figure out the ingredients, techniques and creative ways I can jazz a dish up in my own kitchen. Because, although I love the experience of dining out. There’s nothing that compares to food made with love and intention in your own kitchen.

I recently had a dish similar to this at a local restaurant and let me just say I was thrilled to see such a dope menu option for us plant based eaters. However, I was left desiring so much more as it pertained to the flavors of the dish. So to my kitchen I went! Determined to give this amazing combination the tender love and care it truly deserved.

Aren’t you glad, you get to reap the benefits of my food explorations lol.

Recipe is the perfect serving for two and great addition to your plant based cookbook.

*Note: I do use a few products in this recipe that main contain traces of dairy. And that's only because I'm purging what's left in my pantry. But this recipe is easy to transition to fully vegan or plant based. And I made notes of how to do that throughout the instructions*

Lets get started!

Ingredients for Cauliflower

To make things easier, I separated the ingredients and instructions for each element of the dish. Just in case you only want one or the other. But if you're make both, be sure to stroll through both sets of ingredients for your shopping list


1/2 head of cauliflower

Pantry Items:

3 Tsp - apple cider vinegar

1 Cup - All purpose flour

1/4 Cup - Corn starch

1 Cup - vegetable oil for frying ( you can substitute for your favorite frying oil)


1 Cup - Dairy free milk ( I highly recommend the Ripple unsweetened pea protein milk. It behaves similar to dairy)


Adobo all purpose seasoning

Slap ya mama cajun seasoning

Hot Sauce

Black pepper


Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

*Feel free to use your favorite southern seasoning blend. This just happens to be mine ;)

Instructions for Cauliflower

Step 1 - Cut 1/2 of cauliflower head into florets. I like to keep my florets as close to the same size as possible. Also The sizing should be similar to the size of boneless buffalo wings. But feel free to make them as big or as small as you like. Once your florets are cut, be sure to clean and rinse them thoroughly and set aside.

*Now its time to prepare your wet and dry ingredients for your cauliflower batter.*

Step 2 - In a medium sized mixing bowl add the flour, corn starch and a blend of the dry seasonings. I typically use about a tsp of each seasoning in my mixture ( Or until the ancestors tell to to stop lol). But feel free to season to your hearts content my love! Just be careful with the adobo and slap ya mama, because these contain salt.

Step 3 - In another medium sized mixing bowl add the cup of dairy free milk, apple cider vinegar and a another helping of the seasonings. This time adding in the hot sauce. Then gently whisk with a fork until all the ingredients are blended. Still be mindful of the seasonings that contain salt. Note: the dairy free milk and apple cider vinegar will create a buttermilk consistency. You’ll notice that the mixture will thicken slightly… that is ok.

*Tip: A good way to see if the mixture is seasoned well, is to smell it lol. Use all of your senses in the kitchen. It helps! And given that this mixture has no raw egg in it, you can also taste if you like.

Step 4 - grab your cauliflower florets and you guessed it… season them as well using the dry seasonings. Once they are seasoned to your liking. Dip them into the flour and cornstarch mixture and coat well. Next dip them into the milk mixture and coat well. Remove the florets from the milk mixture and dip them back into the flour mix and set aside. This will give you that added crispy layer we love so much

*Tip: Its important to season your food in layers. Which is why we seasoned the both the wet and dry mixture as well as the cauliflower. Its easy for your flavor to get lost if you’re working with a batter or layers in a dish.

Step 5 - Add cooking oil to frying pan at medium heat. Once oil is hot, carefully add battered florets to the pan. Be sure not to over crowd the pan to avoid cooling the oil temperature. Fry for about 2-3 minutes on each side or until the florets are nice and golden brown. Once you remove the florets from the oil, drain them on a paper towel.

Note: If you want to keep the fried florets warm and crispy. Place them on a cookie sheet and add them to the oven at 350 degrees, while you prep the waffles. But watch them and don’t burn what you worked so hard to create lol.

Ingredients for Red Velvet Waffles


1 Cup - Pancake/Waffle Mix ( I use Mrs. Butterworth’s but this is not vegan friendly. Feel free to swap out for homemade or bisquick which is vegan)

1 T - Red Food Coloring

1 T - Organic Cacao

2 Tsp - Vanilla Extract

2 Tsp - Brown Sugar (Optional)

1 T - Vegetable Oil

Cooking Spray

Powdered sugar (Optional)


3/4 Cup - Dairy free milk

2 T - Butter (optional: this can be used to coat your waffle iron. Feel free to use a vegan butter or just use cooking spray)

Instructions for Red Velvet Waffles

Step 1: Prep and preheat your waffle iron. We need this to be locked and loaded once we get the mixture done

Step 2: In a medium sized bowl. Add cacao powder, red food coloring and vanilla extract. Mix until its well incorporated and becomes similar to a paste. Then add in the milk and sugar. Mix again until well incorporated. Finally adding in the dry waffle mix and oil. Gently, blending the mixture again until incorporated. * Be sure not to over mix, because you don’t want to end up with tough waffles. If the mixture is too thick, you can add a little extra cold water, but again don’t over mix

*Important Tip - We mix the wet ingredients first to avoid over mixing once the dry ingredients are added. So don’t skip the step of mixing wet then adding dry.

Step 3: Once the batter is all ready to go, coat your waffle iron in cooking spray or butter and add your waffle batter. I use about 3/4 cup for each waffle and it renders two waffles.

*Note - As the waffles cook you can add them to the oven with the cauliflower, so they will stay warm as well

Step 4: Once you have all your waffles cooked. Plate and top with a little powdered sugar, the fried florets and your favorite syrup.

Step 5: Take a picture to capture the beauty and immediately dig in… using the nearest fork… no seriously…Hurry Lol

If you try this recipe, be sure to tag me on instagram ;) - @Fablife_31

Happy cooking my loves!

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