It's ok to be selfish: The single woman's guide to living fabulously free.


We’re all born as individuals, yet the art of being single seems to be such a dreaded time for many. In a world obsessed with #relationshipgoals, #baegoals and #thiscouldbeus posts. It’s so easy to get consumed by the simple idea of love. Not realizing that the most important relationship you will ever cultivate, is the one with yourself. For this reason, It’s time we go on a journey of pure selfishness. Stripping down to the core of who we were created to be. Taking the time to release the attachments we have to marriage, relationships and the idea that these outer forces will equal happiness. As singles, we are literally sitting on a goldmine of endless possibilities for life and its time to unleash them. But first, you have to realize... IT’S OK TO BE SELFISH.

It's ok to be selfish: Signed Copy

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  • Paperback book. 150 pages