About The Creator

Hi There!

I'm Ashley Janae, the founder and creator of FabLife31. It is my greatest desire to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. Not only for the self-gratification that comes with it, but mainly because it allows me to lead/live by example. This is what I like to call a genuine GLOW or in other words, allowing your inner light to shine out into the world. Causing a domino effect of transformed lives and perspectives. In all honesty I believe this is the very purpose of life itself. To live your life in such a blissful way that it overflows into the lives of others on a daily basis. This is why so many people know me as the multi-faceted woman, who uses everyday as an excuse to be FABULOUS!

My journey to purpose

As a child, instead of playing outside, I found myself raiding my moms closet. Trying on all of her heels and prancing around the house. Even when my friends came over we would play “nail salon” and I’d do their manicures, while helping them with life. I guess you can say my purpose discovered me before I had any clue. However, once I began to grow up and learn about the "real world". I wasn't equipped with the mentality that your passion could also sustain your life. So as a result I fell into the status quo, pushing my dreams further and further away. Moving on to graduate high school with honors and onto obtaining a bachelors degree in Sociology. After landing a career in corporate America. It seemed I had finally made it in life. However, there was one huge problem, I wasn't happy or fulfilled. It was in this moment that I began to revisit my younger years and what truly brought me joy.

I then began to pursue a life of entrepreneurship in my free time, by cultivating my love for beauty and makeup artistry. As the owner of Ashley Janae makeup, I traveled throughout the city doing makeup for countless clients for weddings, photoshoots & events. But guess what? I still wasn't 100% happy with this business either. There was a feeling deep down that kept saying "do more". After this, I began to notice that during my client meet-ups I found myself effortlessly encouraging my clients through nervousness & uncertainty .


It was in this moment that I realized my love for beauty was not only external but also internal as well and this is what truly brought me joy. But, in order for me to truly embody and share this idea of inner beauty.  I had to become a reflection of it on a daily basis. This is when FabLife31 was born, allowing me build a platform where I can hold myself accountable on becoming the best version of ME. By doing this I knew I could inspire others to do the same. So I did it! I decided to retire from freelance makeup artistry and pursue my true purpose wholeheartedly. From here I became a woman of my word stepped out on faith despite the fears I felt and began to transform my life. Fast forward to present day I am now a certified life & purpose coach as well as a published author of two life changing books! As I continue on this journey with FabLife31, my heart continues to leap with joy as lives are being transformed. 

What makes me so Fab?

The word fabulous simply means extraordinary. Here are a few things that help me maintain a fabulous life and mindset!


Finding time to engage in the things you love, helps to cultivate joy, peace and fulfillment. Which is why, on any given weeknight /weekend you may catch me in the kitchen trying a new recipe. This is literally my favorite room in the house. Cooking is a form of relaxation for me and the best way to show love to those around you. Everybody loves a good meal. I also enjoy reading, writing and traveling. 

Favorite Book: The Game of Life and How to Play it. By: Florence Shovel Shinn

Favorite travel destination: Capri Island in Italy. The views are literally breath taking

Favorite thing to write: Books that empower, uplift and inspire.


Family time is absolutely essential for me. I have a very tight knit bond with my family members that is truly unlike any other. The countless hours of laughter, memories and love shared is priceless.  They are my biggest supporters and cheerleaders.


All of my friends are are truly a God send. Many of them have been of my life for over 10 years. Which is one of the main reasons our bond has effortlessly formed into sisterhood. Having a strong support system of girlfriends who believe in you, is a FAB life essential.


Finally! There's no way I could live a FAB life without my clients and customers. Seeing their lives transformed on a daily basis gives me the fuel I need to continue along this journey. Many of the people I have worked with, have moved forward with improving their lives in massive ways. I've seen businesses launched, weight loss journeys commenced, regaining of confidence, self-love cultivated and lives fulfilled just to name a few. There is truly no comparison to seeing the inner light of others shine so brightly! I would love for you to join the FabLife31 family and ignite that inner light!