Frequently Asked Questions

What does FabLife31 Stand for?

It's pretty simple. The FAB is short for fabulous of course. And the #31 is our way of paying homage to the Proverbs 31 woman from the bible. She is the epitome of living an EXTRAORDINARY life, just like God intended.

How was FabLife31 Started?

FabLife31 was launched in 2015 as a lifestyle blog. Ashley Janae created this space as a form of personal accountability. Leading with the intent of taking ACTION towards becoming the best version of herself. By doing this, she desired to also motivate and inspire others that they could do the same. As this message and intent continued to grow. FabLife31 transformed into a lifestyle brand that specializes in self-development, improvement and empowerment.  Helping to equip customers and clients with the proper tools. Allowing them to effortlessly take action towards being the best version of themselves and living the life of their dreams. 

How can FabLife31 help me?

FabLife31 has an array of products and services to help you elevate your life. Whether you're seeking clarity, guidance, more confidence or inspiration. We've got you covered. Head over to the Book Online page, to learn more about our products and services.

Is FabLife31 only for women?

Most of the books and courses created by Ashley Janae are indeed targeted towards women. However, men can take advantage of our coaching programs & free resources, if desired.