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By choosing to organize your space with us, you will truly benefit in more ways than one. Booking with us will put you one step closer to:

-Reduced clutter & unnecessary hoarding

-Reduced anxiety 

-Improved moods and appreciation for your home/space

-Increased productivity & cleanliness

-Better systems for keeping track of your belongings

-peace of mind 

 Imagine walking into your home/space and everything is in its place. You’re not faced with anxiety, every time you go to search for your favorite shirt, pair of shoes, gadget, or important file. There’s no clutter stopping you in your tracks, making you forget what you were looking for in the first place. When you walk into this space you feel proud, your mind is clear, and you have a newfound appreciation for the space you call home, work, or every space in between. Doesn’t that thought feel good? That’s exactly what organize your space (by Fablife31) can help you create. 


Our professional organizing is designed to guide you with the necessary tools, advice and service, that will create a space you can be proud of. We have a strong passion for building processes and organizing plans, that will make our clients love the space they’re in! 

Imagine This...

Well Organized Closet

Our Services

Offering organizing for the following spaces

  • Home & apartment closets

  • Office spaces & files

  • Pantries & Cabinets

  • Kitchens 


Our Packages & Pricing 

Free Clarity Chat

In order to provide top tier service, we must ensure that our services & exercise are a good fit for your project. Let's have a quick 15-20 minute chat about your organizing goals 

Consultations & Planning

$50 per hour

Whether you decide to pay by the hour or book a full package. The consultation is a mandatory service for all projects. During the consultation, we will review the entire project plan/scope. We'll discuss dates, design & overall expectations. This step is KEY to ensure we're able to reach your desired result.

$50 consultation- nonrefundable rate but will account towards balance of full service. This time will be used to plan and coordinate desires for organizing project

Packages & Hourly Rate


Full package $425

-Includes a 6-7 hour time allotment for:

-downsizing of unwanted items (supervision required) 

-shopping for extra materials

-organizing and presentation of space 

-service fees do not include additional costs for supplies. Based on plan, client agrees to set budget and cover the added costs. 


By the hour ( recommended for lite/smaller projects) 

-$75hr, with a 2hr minimum 

-Fully customizable 

*Currently offering 15% off for all new clients 

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Well Organized Closet